Rape in the Game of Thrones

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Social Commentary
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As you can see, the entire female population of A Game of Thrones breaks up into one of three catagories, or some combination thereof. 

Let’s compare a situation from A Game of Thrones to real life so that we can further elucidate the difference between our world and Martin’s. If you were a male in the world as we know it, and a buddy came up to you and said, “hey man, I totally had sex last night,” your response might be, “how was it?” or perhaps “who was the chick?” or something like that. In Martin’s world, the typical responses would be: 

  • “How many times did you rape her?” 
  • “How much did she cost?” 
  • “How many other guys raped her before you got your chance?” 
  • “Did you slit her throat after you raped her or did you just beat her and leave her for dead?”

Rape isn’t just an unfortunate reality of the world, it’s fucking institutionalized, much like having a beer while you watch a sporting event, or registering for the draft when you turn 18. Win a fight, rape a woman. Get a pay raise, rape a woman. Come of age, rape a woman. If you’re a male in aSoIaF and you don’t rape women, you’re something of a social outcast, and you’ll get stares and hard looks and death threats akin to those a child molester would get in our world. 

Make no mistake, if you’re a female in aSoIaF and you’re lucky, you’ll get married off to some lord because you’re the daughter of one, and you’ll only have to put up with having sex with some guy you don’t necessarily know or like. If you’re a commoner, you might as well become a whore, because at least you get paid when any given male who happens upon you fucks your dignity and shame into a couple of distant memories. If you don’t go that route, you’re simply doomed to be raped day in and day out with no compensation at all. 

(via Why So Hostile)


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