Woman Accuses NYC Police Officers of Rape

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Social Commentary
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29 year old fashion exec accused Officer Kenneth Moreno (44)  and Officer Franklin Mata (28) of raping her after an office party.

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it was the cops.

–  the victim

The defense has been trying to discredit the woman’s memory because of her heavily intoxicated state the night of the rape.

She admitted she might not remember everything, but did not back down,

I think the memory I’ve held onto is the penetration. I woke up to being penetrated from behind. I woke up because the action of his penetration was so hard that my head was moving toward the window [at the head of her bed] like it was going to go through it.

(Reports the Daily News)

The defense also tried to discredit her story by bringing up the email she sent her roommate in which she downplayed the violence of the rape. She responded by saying

When something like this happens to you, the shock is so surreal that you just try to figure out what you need to do afterward. You tell people you’re OK, even though you’re not, just to get through it – and you want to get through it

– the victim

 NY Daily NewsHer wrenching testimony came as prosecutors released the transcript of a recording she secretly made for prosecutors when she confronted Moreno outside a police precinct. In it, Moreno admitted “it was only me” after she asked him repeatedly if they both raped her. She also got the cop to say, “Yes, yes I did,” when she asked if he wore a condom.

Moreno and Mata will face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.


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