Absurd Defense of a Rapist

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Social Commentary
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 An appellant brief was filed last March in the Montana Supreme Court on behalf of Duane R. Belanus, who had been convicted of “of sexual intercourse without consent involving the infliction of bodily injury, aggravated kidnapping, burglary, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, and misdemeanor theft” after beating and anally raping his then-girlfriend.

The brief starts by quoting convicted rapist, Mike Tyson’s character in the move “Hangover”

Don’t worry about it…like he said, we all do dumb shit when we’re fucked up.

The brief ends by quoting homophobic, antisemitic, racist misogynist Mel Gibson from after he was arrested for a DUI in 2006

Alcohol loosens your tongue, and makes you act, speak, and behave in a way that is not you

Luckily, Balanus was still convicted.

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