In Rape Culture Today

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Social Commentary

32.7%: The percentage of women’s reproductive-health clinics located near anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” which have “experienced one or more incidents of severe violence, compared to only 11.3 percent of clinics not near a CPC. (Severe violence includes clinic blockades and invasions, bombings, arson, bombing and arson threats, death threats, chemical attacks, stalking, physical violence and gunfire.)”

I say again that the anti-choice movement, which includes a decades-long campaign of intimidation, harassment, and violence directed at abortion providers and abortion seekers, is the most brazen, unapologetic, inherently violent terrorist campaign in America, its co-ordination and orchestration done right out in the open, where no one in the media or politics will call it what it is.

Reblogged from Melissa McEwan on Shakeville


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