In response to the Foreign Secretary’s response

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Politics
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“This is not professionalism,” says Foreign Secretary Mijarul Quayes in response to the yesterday’s Star Editorial.

Our government holds the faith of people across the country and, in this case, the lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters in Libya. The government does not do us a favor by protecting us, providing for us and saving us from hostile lands. That is its duty.

Has the government been performing its duty towards its people stranded in Libya? The Foreign Secretary is outraged when this question is made, when it is suggested that perhaps the government has been slacking. But why? We have every right to ask. If we think our government isn’t doing its duty, we have every right to criticize.

If we are mistaken in thinking the government has been shirking its responsibilities then explain to us how we are wrong. Give us a concrete list of what you have done to help our people. Answer our questions with information. Why does the IOM think the Bangladeshi government hasn’t been adequately involved? Why do our people in Libya say they have not seen any Bangladeshi officials there till today?

We would be happy to be proven wrong in this case. We hope our government has, in fact, been taking steps from the start to save fellow Bangladeshi’s in peril. But under no circumstance, is it okay for the government or any government official to insinuate it is not okay for us to ask or criticize.

Lack of transparency is where the end of democracy begins.


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